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Nothing inspires writing for me more than a Saturday morning jaunt to the nearest Barriques for a hot, hash wrap and latte miel.  Sitting by the toasty fireplace and listening to the murmur of conversation wafting across the cozy coffee shop.

Okay, so a morning espresso and biscotti on a Tuscan streetside plaza might win out, but at the moment, I’ll take what I can get for inspiration!

It’s a funny thing, motivation.  For each of us, there are finely differentiated stimuli, highly personalized and unique to our own psychological make-up, that allow the “creative juices” to flow.  Contentment is really the emotional source for me.  Relaxation.  Satisfaction with life in the moment.  And a connection in some sense with the natural world.  It’s this compilation of factors which frees my right brain creativity.

Nature is the true inspiration.  Always has been, from my earliest days.  Even sitting here, when I pause to reflect on my next sentence or thought, it is to the evergreens and random red-berried deciduous trees outside to which my attention is drawn.  I wonder sometimes if I could write a word from a coffee shop in a frenetic metropolis, a Manhattan or Los Angeles, Toyko or Bejing.

In any case, I’d love to hear what inspires other writers.  What sources of literary energy tap your creative capacity as a writer?  Please share your thoughts, and enjoy this fantastic weekend of writing!


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